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Intel® Firmware Tracker

Keeping track of server system firmware updates is a time consuming and error prone process. To address those challenges Intel® has developed software capable of finding the latest firmware versions for all Intel® Datacenter Solutions server system hardware in real-time. Intel® provides both a UX optimized online application, and a broad-scale web service API.

Launch Application

Colfax CXi Systems based on Intel® DCB


"Flex" UI: Leveraging Intel®'s experience from the Power Calculator, the new UI will take advantage of expanding/collapsing UI content blocks to enhance usability while simultaneously enabling more information to be shared with the user.

Search by System ID: DSG L9 customers will be able to use their L9 product codes or L9 MM numbers to perform a single search that results in the latest firmware version information being retrieved for all of the components in the system.

Multi-OS Installer Support: FWT 1.0 retrieves a single OS independent firmware result per component. FWT 2.0 will retrieve results for every OS installer in the Download Center for the component giving the user the opportunity to traverse to any of the relevant Download Center pages.

Direct Download: Rather than go to the Download Center to initiate a download of the firmware, the user will be able to directly download firmware from FWT.

Full API Support: All the features above will be available through the FWT app, but also through the FWT Web API enabling seamless integration with third party websites and applications.

Custom Update Package (CUP) Download: In the past, identifying, downloading, and installing multiple firmware updates required multiple steps for each separate firmware update. CUP Download eliminates that overhead by making multiple firmware updates as simple and seamless as single firmware updates.

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