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Intel® Data Center Manager

Intel® Data Center Manager is a software solution that collects and analyzes the real-time health, power, and thermals of a variety of devices in data centers helping you improve the efficiency and uptime.

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Intel® DCM Use Cases

Rack Provisioning

Find new ways to increase rack density.

Intelligent Power

Collect real time data without deploying costly redundant infrastructure by replacing intelligent power distribution units.

Disaster Avoidance

With real-time monitoring and management, it's possible to reduce power failures and other disasters.

Equipment Scheduling

Increase your ability to meet workload demands with equipment scheduling, and make your data center do more.

Build Real-Time Thermal Maps

Build real-time thermal maps to avoid the guesswork that leads to undercooling or overcooling.

Ghost Servers

Identify ghost servers, and get data center power usage under control.

Intel® Power Thermal Aware Solution

Identify energy efficiency issues in the data center to avoid service delays and gain savings.

Granular Rack-Level Thermal Monitoring

Enable the Intel® DCM to recognize an out-of-range temperature reading and allow the user to take immediate action.

Granular Server-Level Thermal Monitoring

Get greater granular server-level thermal visibility, so when temperatures rise, it registers with the Intel® DCM.

Predictive Detection of Cooling Anomalies

Predict cooling issues before they happen with a patented algorithm that detects anomalies in time to be resolved before a thermal issue occurs.

Server health Management

Enable server health management with real-time sub-component monitoring, error detection, proactive health management, and server firmware synchronization.

Updating Firmware of Intel® Data Center Blocks

Monitor and update the firmware of data center systems with Intel® DCM.

Intel® Memory Failure Prediction

Through multi-dimensional model and algorithms, DIMM errors are mined at the micro-level to assign health scores and identify future failures in real time.

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