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Expand the frontiers of business innovation and optimization with NVIDIA DGX™ H100. The latest iteration of NVIDIA’s legendary DGX systems and the foundation of NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™, DGX H100 is the AI powerhouse that’s accelerated by the groundbreaking performance of the NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU.

Complete AI Platform

Artificial intelligence has become the go-to approach for solving difficult business challenges. Whether improving customer service, optimizing supply chains, extracting business intelligence, or designing cutting-edge products and services across nearly every industry, AI gives organizations the mechanism to realize innovation. And as a pioneer in AI infrastructure, NVIDIA DGX™ systems provide the most powerful and complete AI platform for bringing these essential ideas to fruition.

The Cornerstone of Your AI Center of Excellence
As the fourth generation of the world’s first purpose-built AI infrastructure, DGX H100 is designed to be the centerpiece of an enterprise AI center of excellence. It’s a fully optimized hardware and software platform that includes full support for the new range of NVIDIA AI software solutions, a rich ecosystem of third-party support, and access to expert advice from NVIDIA professional services. DGX H100 offers proven reliability, with DGX systems being used by thousands of customers around the world spanning nearly every industry.

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GPUs 8x NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs
GPU Memory 640GB total
Performance 32 petaFLOPS FP8
NVIDIA® NVSwitch™ 4x
System Power Usage ~11.3kW max
CPU Dual 56-core 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors
System Memory 2TB
Networking 4x OSFP ports serving 8x single-port NVIDIA ConnectX-7 VPI
- 400Gb/s InfiniBand/Ethernet
2x dual-port NVIDIA ConnectX-7 VPI
- 1x 400Gb/s InfiniBand
- 1x 200Gb/s Ethernet
Storage OS: 2x 1.9TB M.2 NVME drives
Internal Storage: 8x 3.84TB NVMe U.2 drives
Management Network 10Gb/s onboard NIC with RJ45
50Gb/s Ethernet optional NIC
Host BMC with RJ45

NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU
Unprecedented Performance, Scalability, and Security for Every Workload

Tap into unprecedented performance, scalability, and security for every workload with the NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU. With NVIDIA® NVLink® Switch System, up to 256 H100s can be connected to accelerate exascale workloads, while the dedicated Transformer Engine supports trillion-parameter language models. H100 uses innovations in the NVIDIA Hopper™ architecture to deliver industry-leading conversational AI, speeding up large language models.

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Explore the powerful components of DGX H100

Explore the powerful components of DGX H100

1 8x NVIDIA H100 GPUs With 640 Gigabytes of Total GPU Memory
18x NVIDIA® NVLink® connections per GPU, 900 gigabytes per second of GPU-to-GPU bidirectional bandwidth

2 4X NVIDIA NVSwitches™
7.2 terabytes per second of bidirectional GPU-to-GPU bandwidth, 1.5X more than previous generation

3 10x NVIDIA ConnectX®-7 400 Gigabits-Per-Second Network Interface
1 terabyte per second of peak bidirectional network bandwidth

4 Dual 56-Core 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors and 2 TB System Memory
Powerful CPUs for the most intensive AI jobs

5 30 Terabytes NVMe SSD
High speed storage for maximum performance

Powered by NVIDIA Base Command™
The Operating System of the Accelerated Data Center

NVIDIA Base Command™ powers every NVIDIA DGX system, enabling organizations to leverage the best of NVIDIA software innovation. Enterprises can tap into the full potential of their DGX investment with a proven platform that includes enterprise-grade orchestration and cluster management, libraries that accelerate compute, storage and network infrastructure, and system software optimized for running AI workloads.

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NVIDIA AI Enterprise Software Suite
Unleash the Potential of AI Anywhere

NVIDIA AI Enterprise is an end-to-end AI software suite that includes AI frameworks and tools that provide performance-optimized deep learning, machine learning and data science tools that simplify building, sharing, and deploying AI software. This allows enterprises to gather insights faster and deliver business value sooner.

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NVIDIA DGX H100 Purchasing Information

What's Included with NVIDIA DGX H100 Purchase

  • DGX Hardware and HW support bundle
    • NVIDIA Enterprise 3 years of Hardware Standard Support included
  • DGX Software and SW support bundle
    • Sofware includes NVIDIA Base Command and NVIDIA AI Enterprise
    • NVIDIA Enterprise 3 years of Software Standard Support included
  • Installation Services

1 - Both Commercial and EDU SKUs available
2 - NVIDIA Enterprise Standard Support will cover onsite Hardware support, remote Hardware and Software support, Software updates and upgrades–in a timely manner.
3 - Premium Support is also available.
4 - Up to two additional years of support can be purchased initially when ordering a NVIDIA DGX H100.
5 - Installation Service is required when ordering a NVIDIA DGX H100.
6 - Additional Media Retention (CMR or SDMR) Services may be purchased in addition to the equivalent Support Services

For complete details, view the "DGX Systems Appliance Support Services Terms and Conditions" and the "End-User License Agreement (EULA)".
For additional services, view the "Technical Account Manager (TAM) Services for NVIDIA Products Terms and Conditions".

DGX Enterprise Support Documentation

DGX Systems Appliance Support Services Terms and Conditions
NVIDIA DGX Enterprise Support Services
NVIDIA Technical Account Manager Overview

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